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Guideline Asset Management is our full management service to property owners and tenants. Today we manage this portfolio and undertake developments, redevelopments, negotiations and acquisitions on behalf of our clients.
Our experience is employed by individuals and family or charitible investors wanting improved profits from effective management of property, asset planning, acquisitions and negotiations.

Property Management

Commercial property can be a fantastic investment providing it is managed effectively. Guideline’s experience proves that a proactive approach to management is key to the ongoing success of your investment.

Guideline’s Asset Management team provides a professional and personalised service to landlords which covers all aspects of management required to maintain your investment.

  • Leasing & tenant negotiation
  • Advanced financial management systems
  • Building compliance & insurance
  • Property/portfolio appraisal & consulting
  • Asset management and planning
  • Building maintenance
  • Tenant reinstatement assessments, implementation and monitoring.

We understand the importance of a close working relationship with both landlord and tenant and strive to meet the needs of both, thus ensuring high occupancy levels and an optimised cashflow for property owners.

Asset Planning

An investment in commercial property, like most investments, comes with a degree of risk. Guideline understands the risks involved and realises the importance of executing an asset plan. Knowing what you want to get out of your  investment is important, and having multiple options to maximise your return is critical. With our near 30 years of property and investment asset management, you can be assured of real commercial outcomes for your assets by  employing Guideline.

Acquisitions & Negotiations

The difference sound negotiations can play in improved long term investment returns is often overlooked or under-performed in the property acquisition exercise. Sound property and financial management will make a difference on the  capital value of investment assets and is similarly often overlooked.

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  • Operating expenses review
  • Negotiation of cost reduction
  • Benchmarking