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“Gambling promises the poor what property performs for the rich”
George Bernard Shaw

Proven as one of the best storers of real wealth. Property investment can be segregated in to a range of sub-asset classes.

Commercial, industrial, residential and rural. Investment in all or any of these should enhance an overall investment portfolio.*The two  reasons you might be looking to buy commercial property are as premises for your business or as an investment. While both groups of buyers will be looking for a property that is in the right location and has the potential to appreciate in value, the motivations and key buying criteria are likely to be quite different.

Guideline’s experience can be employed in assessing and negotiating acquisitions to satisfy either need.

See the Guideline Portfolio.


Commercial property makes a valuable inclusion in a balanced investment portfolio. Our experience and data show that returns from well managed and well located property can on average and over time exceed those of other asset classes. However, with any investment, it’s makes sense to get the right advice up front and to work with experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Guideline does not offer investment advice. If you or your advisors have determined an appropriate allocation to property, Guideline has a variety of methods that can assist in your fulfilling that need in a successful and profitable manner.


Guideline is constantly searching for properties and projects  that through creative planning and upgrading it can add value to. Previous development projects have included residential and commercial change of use re-development, land subdivision, residential conversions, land subdivision and house developments for or on behalf of clients or the Company.


Guideline has worked with a range of people and companies providing a range of consultation services including

The benefits of our specialist and professional management ensures that a wider range of skills and experience is brought to bear with the objective of getting the best outcome for you. Remove yourself from the front line of the management of your investments and improve your investment profits over time. Please contact us to discuss how our professional management service will enhance your investment ownership experience and returns.