Why investing with a group of others in a commercial property can be a more reliable investment and generate significant cash income for long-term investors.

By investing with a group of others in one or more actual properties, you spread your risk, yet at the same time obtain all the benefits you would expect from that property (applied to the amount you have invested).

The benefits of having a group of investors purchasing a commercial property together

For 20 years, We have been bringing together groups of investors, forming property investment opportunities and then setting about increasing your investment returns. Guideline enables you to carefully build a portfolio of measurable investments, because you know the actual properties you have invested in.

Investing with a limited group of others allows you to own individual interests in as many large commercial properties as you want. This allows investors with parcels of around $25,000 to carefully choose and invest in a specific property, when normally this type of investment would be out of their range.

Guidline Allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a specific commercial building

This type of investment means that investors are able to measure all returns (cash and capital gains) and costs (management, improvements etc). A number of Guideline investor group clients report that, even after management fees, they are enjoying an average annual return of more than 20% (cash and capital gains combined).

Holding on when others let go is a key secret of success in any commercial property investment!

We stress that almost all clients who enjoy that level of return have owned a share in a particular building for ten or more years.