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What does commercial property offer an investor?

What does commercial property offer an investor?” 11-08-2014 – 7pm for 7.30 start Property is a major investment asset for very rational reasons. During the over 30 years that Brian Scantlebury has been involved in commercial property syndication…

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Why investing with a group of others in a commercial property can be a more reliable investment and generate significant cash income for long-term investors.

By investing with a group of others in one or more actual properties, you spread your risk, yet at the same time obtain all the benefits you would expect from that property (applied to the amount you have…

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Five key steps Guideline follows to ensure their investor’s properties achieve returns better than the norm

1.  Unique ‘3-Tier Management System’ We have developed a ‘3-tier’ management system to ensure the following four steps are always taken and never overlooked. A quick read of the ‘3 tiers’ (see below) makes it clear that much…

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Why the greatest successes in commercial property happen to those who hold on, when others let go

Everyone knows a commercial property success story. What many of us overlook, is that by far the greatest number of those stories have to do with investors who have owned their properties for many years!

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