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2015 Property Market Report

We are pleased to bring you our 2015 Property Market Review. The now overused term “rock-star economy” attributable to New Zealand, whilst subject to much debate, has now moved in some economists minds to the “Goldilocks” economy. A…

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2014 Property Market Report

We are pleased to bring to you the 2014 Property Market Report. Economic Momentum from last year seems to have been maintained into 2014. We continue to receive reports of improving economic performance. For example, we are told…

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Debt Management

You can probably save thousands on your mortgage. Do you want to? In the hope of saving money we’re willing to haggle over the price of a car, drive to another supermarket to get a better deal or…

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Property Investment Vs the Sharemarket

Who of you investors out there are still getting over the recent sharemarket waverings? Do you also have money invested in real estate? I bet your sharemarket investments have been giving you a lot more worry over the…

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Why the greatest successes in commercial property happen to those who hold on, when others let go

Everyone knows a commercial property success story. What many of us overlook, is that by far the greatest number of those stories have to do with investors who have owned their properties for many years!

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2010 Property Market Report

We are pleased to welcome you to our 2010 Property Market Review. It has been an interesting year. One in which, by about half way through, all reports and commentators were suggesting the worst was over and a…

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