Guideline Profile

Guideline Investors Limited – A Brief Profile

Business Commenced in 1982 providing some of the original commercial property syndications using the model essentially seen across the market today. Along with a sister company offerings included specialist financial services, mortgage discounting and broking services.

Principle services today include;

Investment      Development      Consulting      Acquisitions      Management


Guideline does not provide investment advice to the public.

Our consulting services are designed to assist investors, companies and trusts resolve their strategic approach to making investment decisions and to support clients through the application of our experience in investment, development, consulting, acquisitions  and management.

A total of over 30 co-owned properties have been established since commencement, of which we currently manage 23 (as passive long term investments) accounting for over 60 tenants and around 260 investors.

Properties under management are currently located in Auckland, Tauranga and Rotorua.

Property Investments

Experience in our early years demonstrated an investor appetite for sound property investment for “smaller” investors. However, the barriers to entry including, scale, management, market knowledge and associated issues often proved to be deterrents to success. We set about to overcome these problems in ways that made property investment attractive for our investor membership. The current syndication model evolved from these beginnings.


Throughout our time in business we have added value by completely refurbishing or redeveloping a number of the long term investment properties. Other properties are acquired specifically for the purpose of development or upgrade to meet current business needs.

We have also been involved in the residential sector in Auckland and Tauranga primarily in change of use exercises, converting existing properties to economy level apartments.

Property Management

The Guideline experience offers investors the means to extract themselves from the frontline of tenancy relationship, lease and rental negotiations, property maintenance and the regulatory requirements associated with building ownership.

We maintain the responsibility for comprehensive investment property management for the portfolio of syndications, a number of body corporates and all redevelopments. We have working relationships with both a property management business to whom we subcontract certain duties and a body-corporate and residential property manager in Auckland.


Frances de Vantier – Office Manager
Tony Fisken – Property Manager
Nicola Younan – Director
Hadi Younan – Director

Phone (07) 578 4807