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 The advantage of experience

Since 1982 Guideline has been providing profitable property investment opportunities. We have developed a wealth of experience and skill however, we do not offer investment advice to the public. Guideline has been successful in assisting its close associates and and habitual investors manage their financial risks through sound and reliable investment in selected commercial properties. The company is continually searching for property it or it’s clients can invest in, for development or re-development opportunities and to provide the value of its experience though our other consulting services.

Knowledge, Experience, Trust

Easy Access

https://spielautomat-casinos.at/slots/slots-kostenlos/Guideline offers investors a simple yet profitable lifestyle by attending professionally to the management demands associated with the ownership and investment in property. Our service is tailored not just to optimize your returns over time but also to free you to “travel the world”. In other words, leave you free and unencumbered by the work and stress that comes with this successful investment asset class.

Guideline’s portfolio is comprised of a selection of single property investment vehicles. Each property is a stand-alone investment owned by the contributing investors.

Better Results for your Dollar

Managing an investment asset like property is more than collecting rents and paying the bills. It’s about negotiating, visionary planning for the future of the property, targeting the best future use and generally holding the investors needs as paramount in the property equation. All these things will impact positively in the final returns if carried out to maximum effect. Guideline’s experience over 30 years demonstrably achieves better results.

When we started in Guideline individual property investments we intended to put all our money into one property. But the benefits of investing this way through Guideline have been so good we try to add each year to portfolio. We find they are really good investments for our family trust. Guess the kids will get the benefits after us.

— Frank & Fay Sleath

Hassle Free Investing

For investors it’s not enough to provide an investment vehicle, no matter how well presented, it’s about achieving the right trade off of risk and return. Guideline’s results demonstrably enable investors to develop a personal strategy and, if followed, to sleep comfortably at night.

The advantage of experience

We have spent over a quarter of a century successfully building a portfolio of select property investments for our member clients and independent investors. Guideline works only with close associates and habitual investors. Guidelines professional approach and depth of market experience is proven to stand the test of time.

One of our key strategies lies in how we spread investment risk. Instead of risking wealth on just one or two properties we find groups of investors with the same aims and goals and invest in a group of properties.
See article ”Why invest with a group of others in a commercial property.

Individuals, families, and trusts whose business is , or includes, investing and are interested in developing a trouble free property portfolio are invited to give Guideline Enterprises a call 07 578 4807, or email now – info@guideline.co.nz

Also see our Mandated Property Portfolio for common interest group, charities, trusts or similar organizations.