The Advantage of Experience

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Since 1983 Guideline has provided professional commercial property management services and worked with its investor members  and clients developing a wealth of experience and skill in the selection, acquisition of investment property and the financial and asset management of their investments. Guideline also provides property consulting across most property classes.

Investment in well located and managed property is demonstrably well rewarded over the medium term. Against the backdrop of historical long term property price increases, investors in a portfolio of Guideline properties have enjoyed income increases that have matched increasing lifestyle costs.

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Through my employment at Guideline I realised the benefits of starting to prepare for my retirement.
I could see first hand how building a Guideline property portfolio has worked for many people. It is easy and produces great income and best of all investors have no work to do. It’s worth a bit of a sacrifice to get started, and I have.

— Sharleen Stewart